Howard Stearns Lead Developer and Managing Engineer
+1 650 817 5956
stearns @ alum . mit . edu
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I have 30 years experience in systems engineering, applications development, and management of advanced software technologies. My passion is in novel exploitations of fundmantal architectural insights.

I am a Senior/Lead Developer at High Fidelity, a startup created by Philip Rosedale to apply virtual reality hardware in large-scale virtual worlds. Earlier, I led groups working with educational and enterprise applications of the novel distributed systems technology of the Croquet Project. This ambitious project was convened by computing pioneer Alan Kay to leverage advances in 3D virtual worlds and real-time, persistent collaboration. As just part of this work, I created an app to allow iOS users to participate in meetings in which desktop users met via virtual worlds.

In consumer markets, I led mobile email development at HP and architected TuneUp Media's software, which automatically corrects metadata in the music collections of 9 million users. At social network Shocase, I created a portfolio system that automatically suggests individual pre-crawled projects for newly joined members.

Earlier in my career, I served as Technology Strategist for Curl, the only startup founded by WWW pioneer Tim Berners-Lee, which pioneered the concept of the single-page app.

I work at the intersection of
business strategy
advanced technology

I bring new and unique technologies to maturity.
I define them, combine them, and refine them.

computer mediated communication, peer-to-peer, virtual worlds and virtual reality, collaboration, meta-media integration, mobile, meta-architecture, serious games, semantic web, social media, multi-media, ontology, expert systems, knowledge-based engineering, embedded systems, computer aided design, 3D graphics, supervisory control and data acquisition, industrial controls, realtime systems, information architecture, enterprise web systems, content management, data integration, search and navigation, guided configuration, mass customization, engineer-to-order, programming languages