Howard Stearns Qualifications Summary

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Our common goal: to bring new technology to maturity through hands-on architecture and multi-function development.
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Keen analytic ability
  • Designed and led implementation of the first Croquet version to support persistent, collaborative multi-media. The Croquet project was convened by Alan Kay and David Reed.
  • Creation of 650 page Curl Language Specification for rich Web client company founded by Tim Berners-Lee (W3C chairmain) and Mike Dertouzos (head of MIT Laboratory for Computer Science).
  • Competitive product analysis and positioning at Curl.
  • Uncovered and described complex utility bond scheme and technical permit application failures for non-profit utility-watchdog group.
Strategic vision through technical leadership
  • Bootstrapped a social portfolio network by crawling 100,000 external media projects and their users, deriving their identity for marketing campaigns, and generating pre-built auto-curated portfolios for the new users.
  • Lead first use of Test-Driven Development and Agile app development at HP/Palm, on our most complex and widely used app (email).
  • Piloted the team that produced the first Croquet worlds to be adopted for sustained use by non-technical users. These worlds include Internet-available, real-time collaborative multi-media.
  • Created smartphone, tablet, and Web access to Teleplace's commercial version of Croquet, and made animated avatars work on business class computers.
  • Articulation of XML strategy and development of Curl's first XML document production.
  • Creation of highly adaptable compiler built on metaobject protocols.
  • Cheap production of accurate sensors using inexpensive factory automation and embedded microcontrollers.
  • Six years in technical product management and strategy positions at industry leading ICAD, Elwood and Curl Corporations, and the University of Wisconsin.
Deep understanding of system architecture and design
  • Re-architected a monolithic music metadata application to services, providing more accurate results as well as better performance and flexibility for nine million consumers.
  • Designed and led implementation of direct-manipulation object-models allowing Croquet end-users to build their own environments while using them.
  • Direction of architecture for 13 interrelated expert system products interfacing to seven proprietary CAD systems.
  • Creation of architecture of a complete ANSI Common Lisp programming language implementation.
Superior facilitation and organization skills
  • Supervised programming staff and contractors at High Fidelity, HP/Palm, Teleplace, UW-Madison, and ICAD.
  • Process, procedures and standards development at technology startups including QA, customer support, and documentation.
  • Wrote the Association of Computing Machinery's plan for training high-school Advanced Placement Computer Science teachers.
  • Created first Croquet non-profit, housing the first public application in which non-programmers can connect to others in a shared persistent multimedia space.
  • Formation and chairing of compiler/runtime/QA group that identified, categorized and resolved hundreds of Curl language design issues.
  • Award-winning launch and management of successful family businesses in early childhood education, publishing services, and commercial real estate.
Proven communications and community-building abilities
  • Six years blogging about Croquet and technology at, which was nominated by Weblog as Best Technology Blog.
  • Six years pre-sales and applications consulting, prototyping, training, and demonstrating.
  • Publication by Dr. Dobb's Journal and refereed proceedings.
  • Respected contributions to online technical communities.
  • Membership on the board of directors of the international Association of Lisp Users and creation of
  • Active member of the Croquet Committee, which was responsible for all aspects of the release of the Croquet SDK.
  • Open Source at High Fidelity, Qwaq/Croquet, Eclipse Common Lisp, and Personal GitHub
Strong education
  • Two engineering degrees from MIT.
  • Direction of prize-winning undergraduate thesis team.
  • History of self-learning and mentoring others.
Killer coding
  • Integrated Teleplace to iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux system libraries for audio, network, video, databases, Web.
  • Created portable OpenGL CG shader for animated 3D avatars, with fallthough to CPU based animation with clever caching for performance across all business class computers.
  • Implemented entire commercial ANSI Common Lisp product, including:
    • 38,000 of Lisp for compiler, all libraries (math, collections, pretty printing, etc.), and object system with full metaobject protocol (compiles to 310,000 lines of C).
    • 7,500 lines of C kernel code.
    • 5,000 individual conformance tests.
  • Created all software for remote data acquisition product, including: embedded microcontroller firmware and test harness, automated factory calibration and certification, and remote data collection.
  • Coded half the core system common to 12 CAD geometry interface products for an expert system, all common test cases, as well as the actual interface code and tests for six of the specific CAD systems.
  • Won competitive sales using rapid prototyping in several high level languages.
  • Tapped to lead technical aspects of the year-long Oracle/Peoplesoft upgrade of statewide university finanancial system, encompassing 26 campuses and tens of thousands of transactions per day.
Broad programming knowledge
Language polyglot
  • Administration and development to the level of device drivers and kernel building, and embedded systems.
  • Multi-tier development of application logic, GUI and Web presentation, messaging and databases.
  • Design, development and use of advanced development tools and techniques.
  • 30 years using and building dozens of diverse OO, scripting and other languages:
Mobile:Javascript,Objective-C, Java (minor)
Language implementation/library/plugins:C++,Smalltalk,Lisp
Graphics/visualization/3D-modelling:C++,Smalltalk,Lisp,JavascriptCurl, Objective-C, Unityscript, C#, Fortran, Postscript, OpenGL, several CAD systems
Distributed systems:C++,Smalltalk,Javascript,Python (minor), Java (minor)
Web:Lisp,Javascript,Curl, XSL, CSS
GUI:Smalltalk,Lisp,Javascript,Curl, Basic, Unityscript
Financials:C,PeopleSoft, SQL
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition:C, Basic, Assembly, Programmable Logic Controllers
Databases:SQL, Mongo, Basic, proprietary languages
Language lawyering:Lisp,Curl